Language Orthodox @ Lewis Art Gallery, Millsaps College, Jackson, MS

August 21st to September 20th, 2017

Language Orthodox examines the personal commentaries artists evoke in their work. These works, stories emerged from historicity, manifested in a series of images both collective and individual. Each narration displayed in a variety of mediums focused as literal and non-literal expressions to communicate with the viewer.

The artists share nothing in particular between their works other than a statement of artistic practice itself. Artistic practice noted as a distinction from science or proof of real or unreal; Rather a form of language itself that allows communication to be interpretive between the viewer and artifact. Permitting the space for recurring opinions and succeeding dialogues in the wake of one’s view.

These works request and provide an open door for the viewer to retreat from the daily despotism of life’s routine and participate in an ongoing non-representational dialogue of communication that foreseeably has no need for an end to occur. Language Orthodox focuses not on the journeys close but a beginning expressed in works that can be continually reconsidered throughout time.